Aquazorber™ Drying Mop


SW31315GD Dragon Glideis a polyamide non-woven interior. It is impregnated thru a patent-pending process with polyurethane. We are told it is this special process that permits it to pick up 400% its weight in water. You seemed to think this was consistent with your findings. When the material is dry (not wet), it is soft.

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Oddly, and similar to PVA, it is best at water absorption if immersed in water, wrung out, and then used to dry the surface of water. You would think the dry state would be best, but that does not seem to be the case. Because it is non-woven, like the original Water Sprite® it can be cut in various sizes without concern of fraying. But it is not PVA. It is polyamide impregnated with polyurethane.

General information about the Dragon Glide™:

  • Thickness:  1.20 mm
  • Net roll width:  1.22 M
  • Max washing temperature:  60 degrees Celsius
  • Number of washings:  100+
  • Suitable surfaces:  all surfaces
  • Dirt removal from Glass wet:  98.5%
  • Dirt removal from Glass dry:  98.5%
  • Can be used for dusting—leave dry for dusting
  • To clean:  after each use rinse it with warm water for 10-15 seconds to flush out dirt.  If very dirty, rinse it until the water runs clear.  If used daily, should frequently machine wash.  Rinse it first to remove excess dirt.  Then wash in a domestic washing machine.  Do not use bleach (it will damage the fibers) or fabric softener (it will clog the fibers).  Dry the cloth to the air.


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